Supercharging your Appointment Reminders

We've put together a helpful list to ensure you and your colleagues get the most out of Mjog's appointment reminders!

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1. Ensure your reminders are switched on
In early 2020 a lot of sites disabled their reminders altogether to avoid calling patients to the practice as video and telephone consultations became more prevalent.

Let's see if your reminders are enabled...


2. Are you reminding the right patients?
Not every appointment booked into the clinical system is a face-to-face appointment in the practice, some may not even be appointments at all!

Let's see what appointment types your Mjog system recognises, we can disable any that don't need a reminder.


3. Is the wording correct?
Now that you have identified which types you are sending reminders for, you may want to tailor the wording for the different appointment types.

Let's have a look at the templates you’re using.


4. Cancel by reply
Sometimes patients may not be able to get through on the phone lines to advise that they cannot make an appointment. You can give your patients the option to respond back to their reminders with a simple, single keyword (cancel) and Mjog will automatically clear the appointment from your lists.

Let's switch that on!


5. Friends & Family surveys
Where MJog sends an appointment reminder, it can also follow this up with an NPS survey after the appointment. Results collected by Mjog are then stored in the interface for you to collect the results from. Alternatively, if you have a survey on your practice website or similar, the message could contain a link to that page instead.


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